Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let it Snow

Above, Annie (age nine), below Liam (age five)

This was a great winter project!
The kids (ages four through nine) were bursting out with their after-holiday energies and tackled this project like the brave artists that they are.
We used colored pencils on black paper. It really makes the colors pop off the page. We started with a snowy horizon line, added verticals in brown to start our trees, and then added detailed trunks and limbs, delicately covering them with pine needles in two different greens, then added a light dusting of snow. We discussed shadows and how to show distance using grays, and making the white of the snow brighter the closer it is to you. (Objects far away are diffused because there is a lot of atmosphere between the viewer and the object.)

Showing the falling snow, and adding animals (and glitter) were the frosting on the cake!

Above, Thomas (age seven), below Ilana (age eight)

Above Caleb (age six) and below Aoife (age seven)

Above Kevin (age eight) and below Johnny (age eight)

I was so happy to hear from parents how proud their kids were with their projects!

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  1. They are all lovely. Just to think that all people have the capacity to be "artists", if they have the right person to bring it out. You have a vocation to teach!!