Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Step Three

Bluebird by Cat age 5

We've just finished our paper mache birds! We did small steps each week along with our regular projects, and this week we finished painting them! I put little Hans, one of our live canaries, on the table for us to use as inspiration while we painted. I'll tell you, the amount of energy generated by the kids in the studio today could have fueled a rocket ship to the moon! I'll post more finished birds after classes are done tomorrow. Now, I'll put my feet up!

Peacock by Annie, age 9.5

Cecilia, Annie, Ilana and Cat proudly show their birds!
Birds in the grass by David, Age 8 and Kevin, Age 8

Thomas, Age 7

Caleb, Age 6

Liam, Age 6

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Landscapes, Laughing and Frogs Tounges

What did we do in the studio today?
Something tickled the kids funny bones early on, and that was it.
Snickers, giggles, and tear producing peels of laughter. I tried to be sober and reel them back in, but then I thought "This is fun! This is creation. This is joy! So we laughed and painted and that is what I want for them.

The older kids did a simple perspective study in watercolor, and they turned out wonderful (see above)! The younger kids (see below), did frogs with long tongues. Plus we all started on some paper mache birds that will take a few steps to complete.