Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I think this picture shows the great energy and community flowing from StudioTime today!
From left to right Maggie, Sofia (who just joined us today and what a great addition to our resident artists!), myself, Ajna, and my Annie.
Have I mentioned how ecstatic I am with Alameda StudioTime and all of these vibrant artists?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swimming with Friends

Amelia is back (her work below) and I'm always tickled by her approach and vibrancy.

Summer vacation was wonderful, but no where close to how wonderful it was to welcome my artists, new and returning, back to the studio. I'm still abuzz with all of the energy, excitement and creativity that came through the door the last two days!

Welcome to the studio Kassi!

Welcome back Iesha (her work is above) and Ilana and Annie (below).

This project was in celebration of the fun, pleasure and mystery of swimming. So many of us filled our days with swimming this Summer, that this project was a natural way to start back to StudioTime after our break.

Johnny's back! Yay! (His Were Shark above)

Welcome Ellie! Can't wait to see more of her work. Wow!

Cool Cat is back! (Her piece above)

A big hello and welcome to Haley, above! What a love!

Each student easily connected to their joy of swimming and each approached this project from a different perspective.

A warm welcome to Faith! And a big welcome back to Hady! (Pictured above)

Art class wouldn't be the same without Aoife and her sense of style! (Above)

Cat (pictured above) with her framed finished piece!

Kiah, above, is a welcomed addition to Tuesday afternoon class!

Another incredible piece done by Kevin, returning for his second year. Amazing, huh?

Lukas is back and I'm sooo happy! His work, his strong sense of style and story-telling, his kindness!

The piece above was done by Maggie, who in fact, inspired the whole project with her enthusiasm for, and pure joy of swimming. So glad to have you in class Maggie!
(Maggie pictured below with her dad Mark.)