Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(More) An Early Spring!

The lesson this week was about symmetry, working loose, and mixing colors. Didn't they turn out magnificently?

Hady, age eight, above, with amazing concentration.
Kat, age five, both photos below, adding details to her vase
, then working loosely with a larger brush to add flowers.

During class I played some classical flute music. Kat said dreamily "Some music makes me drift..." Love her!
Pieces by my Wednesday artists, above, clockwise from top left: Ilana, Lukas, Annie, Hady, Amelia, Kat.

Annie, or Supergirl Kitty, age 9, shows off her dragon vase, above.
Lukas, below, age eight, shows off some tools-of-the-trade.
Annie, arm above, experimenting with loose brush work!

Skye, 6 years old, at work.

My Tuesday artists final pieces above.
Clockwise from top left: Skye, Johnny, Iesha, Kevin, Ajna and Zarinah.

Everyone's a critic. Even Harpo!

Our wonderful newest addition Ajna, age ten, working on her flowers.

Johnny, age eight, above, feeling the joy and surprise of mixing colors.
Kevin, age eight, designing his bouquet.

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  1. Johnny says that Patrice never offers VBS in her classes. (VBS, I have been informed means Very Boring Stuff)