Friday, March 22, 2013

Project BunWay!

Sumayyah knew exactly how she wanted to design her project and it turned out amazing!

With this project, everyone in the studio learned how to cut out a simple pattern, do machine zig-zagging and basic assembly with this wonderful bunny. Most kids had done hand stitching and embroidery with me before, and this time a good portion of the kids learned the blanket stitch which took patience and skill. EVERYONE loved their bunnies! Can't you see it on their faces?

Liris, Gemma, Izzy and Ivy show off their work.

A special welcome to Jahirah! I can already tell she's a dynamite little designer!

 Charlotte created special eye glasses for her bunny at the end of class.

  Ellie used the embroidery floss like a true artist and completed a bunny that is so fine and adorable!

Clara created a purse to hold her bunny's custom eye patch collection. Fabulous!

Amber worked hard to finish this wonderful little bunny. Look at her sparkle!

I can't tell who is more stylish, Liris or her bunny.

Maya created this little dress with ribbon details at the last minute. Adorable!

Can't you see Amelia was thrilled with her little bunny?

Raziah took her time and her stitch work was perfect! 

 Katie's blue-eyed bunny!

 Zarinah has such a way with color!I love the way hers turned out.

 Hady worked hard and added some last minute touches to make hers unique.

 Faith added blush to the cheeks of her bunny. Looks perfect!

 Annie with her work. So great darling!

 Maggie's bunny ready for the bike ride home. Your stitching is just gorgeous!

 Ilana's finished project, lovely!

A helmet for Simon's project.

 Liam added a dapper little mustache on his bunny at the very end.

Ummi with his finished work.He was a real natural with a needle, thread and a sewing machine.

 The boys took their finished bunnies for a wagon ride!

Jabreel created a distinctive bunny with bold, consistent stitching.

A very cute bunny playing peek-a-boo with Kassi.

Marco made his bunny for his little brother Nikko who turns one this week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Is It Me...

...or are these new paintings beyond great?  I think this project is an example of how talented, committed and brave my group of artists are. 

Maggie "Dance" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Chaney "Strength" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. Chaney at work drying his first undercoat, below.

Sky "Joy" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Topher "Tastes Like" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. 
Topher at work sketching his outlines, below.

Jesse "Omnipotent" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Aoife "Key" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. Below, Aoife at work. 

Amelia B. " XOXOXO" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Gemma " I See You" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Simon "Every Day I Love You" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Beau "Transform" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

I created this project after looking through a recent Sundance catalog that came in the mail. The catalog featured a collection of small folk art style paintings that had simplified imagery, strong neutrals, and a word, or words in them. 

Annie Louise "Lie" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Faith  "Possible" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Hady "My Secret Wish" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Clara "Fantastic" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Zarinah "Capture" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Lukas "Dream" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite, above. Lukas at work below. 

Marco. " Dream" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Katie "Expected" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Michelle "Yes" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. And the beaming Michelle, below, with her finished painting.

Zeah "Yes" 2' x 2' Acrylic on Masonite

Ellie "My Secret Wish" 2' x 2' Acrylic on Masonite

Johnny "Alliance" 2' x 2' Acrylic on Masonite

Charlotte "Wish" 2' x 2' Acrylic on Masonite

Leah "If' 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Kassi "Yes" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Juni "Hello" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

I knew that the kids talents lent themselves to this project if I could help them to edit their ideas, understand the importance of neutral colors and to think about words and how when combined with imagery they can create a whole new "image" or "story." 

AiLi "Contact" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Thalia "Yes" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Ummi "My Secret Wish" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Ilana Rose "Comfort" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Liam "I'm on My Way" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

James "Before" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Raziah "Company" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite, above. Raziah with her work below.

Sumayyah 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. Below, the fabulous Sumayyah with her painting. 

Amity "Expected" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Charlotte "Wish" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Amber"Family"  2' x 2' Acrylic on Masonite

Liris "Secret" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

 This was a hard project for kids! I was a toughie that insisted on following the parameters. I shot down a million ideas! Miss Monique and I worked separately with each artist at almost every stage of their planning and painting. We supported, talked through choices, and delighted in all the success. I am very proud of the work. Each artist is too. I hope you enjoy.

Ivy "Free" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Sumayyah "Love" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite 

Izzy "Dream Love" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite. Below, Izzy touching up her outlines, below.

Maya "Discover" 2'X 2' Acrylic on masonite