Thursday, January 27, 2011

Masking & Contrast

Amelia, above and her finished detail below, and her wonderful owl in the tree!

The kids all came away from this project with a great piece!
We used low tack painters tape, Exacto blades, blue and white tempra, and a variety of brush sizes. I loved the level of concentration and focus, and then the happy smiles upon completion.

So good to see Cecilia again after her trip to Panama! This is an artist that could easily double her StudioTime.

Kat, above and below, so happy making a blizzard.

My dear Annie, above, lost in a snowy night. Full piece, below.

Beaming Zahrina below, detail above, with her finished piece below. Notice the nails!

Ajna, finished above. Full piece below.

Johnny below, loving the steps involved to achieve the final result, and wishing there was even more time to work.

Hady, love the nails, below, loved this project!

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  1. Cecil had no idea what she was explaining in those photographs, but she is sure kinesthetic, eh? And she enjoyed this project. Thanks Patrice.