Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishing Trees

Skye, age 6, (welcome back!) and her work above. Asher, age 5, below.

I love this project for the new year!
My youngest students named it "Wishing Trees" because they said the flowers looked like dandelions at the tops. Cally, Alabama, Asher and Clara really are my sages and poets! On thick watercolor paper, we used cut cardboard to scrape acrylic paint to look like birch bark, and once that dried, we used chalk pastels to layer colors to create backgrounds and tops to the "stems".

Ilana, age 8, above. Benidict, age 2, holding his brother Kevin's, age 8, work below.

Lucas, age 7, above. Zahrinah, age 9, below.

Iesha, age 13, above. Anne, age 9.75, below.

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  1. They are all wonderful. Their imaginations are in take-off mode.