Friday, November 4, 2011

Spirits Welcomed

It was an especially fun and great-spirited week here at StudioTime. The Fall sun was shining down as we worked indoors and out, enjoying our projects and each others company.

To observe Dios de los Muertos, we used basic printing techniques to make these colorful banners.

We laid down even layers of Speedball block printing inks with soft rubber brayers to reproduce each of our designs. 

A warm welcome to Raziah(above) and Ajna! So great to have you both working in the studio.

Each design was unique and WONDERFUL. Annie and I had found the perfect sized ceremonial papers in Chinatown, and I offered craft foam to etch our "plates" on.

During Wednesday afternoon class we had the time to write some rememberances on Chinese Joss papers, to those beings who have passed into the spirit world. We offered up these burning papers, watching as they curled, burned and the smoke disappeared up into the air. 

What is it about reproducing your work that is so thrilling?

Again, I'm so proud of these fearless, curious and clearheaded artists!