Friday, November 4, 2011


I've been collecting beautiful and interesting books so the kids and I can do an Altered Book Experiment together. We began the project a week or so ago! Each book, like each artist in this studio, is unique, interesting and has a story all of it's own to tell. Each week we are going to "rewrite" these old books. We'll illustrate, collage, paint over, dream up, recover, rip-out and all together breath new life into these old tomes.

My hope is that these recycled books will be a place to capture our dreams, hopes and ideas in, focusing on the power of imagery and beauty, like a sacred art diary/journal. 

I loved watching the kids sitting in the sun, rewriting history.

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  1. The children look like they are very serious. This must mean a lot to them, to get it right and capture their dreams in picture form.
    How inspiring are the classes.