Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magical Gourds

Wow October! We paper mache'd, primed, painted and prepared for Hallow's eve all though the month! We were all up to our elbows in glue, paint, ghost kitties and Medusa Challenges that no one had a spare second to pick up the camera. I managed to capture just these few. Here's 11 gourds out of the 30 that left the studio.

Cat (top) with her magical Owl Gourd. Malcolm (behind her) did a wonderful Spider Web motif.

Annie created this Dios de los Muertos tribute (above) to her cat Scully and her dog Finny.

Faith made this wonderful Black Cat Gourd (above and below). Love the teeth!

Gorgeous Ellie and her gorgeous gourd (above and below).

Clara's Black Cat Gourd, above.

The very focused and vibrant Liris created this lively Magical Gourd, above.

Zarinah made this ecstatic Gourd Man! The photo doesn't capture it's beauty.

Kevin did a front and back on this wonderful gourd, above and below.

Zak Ali and his fierce, powerful Gourd Man!

Iesha layered and added details in marvelous colors!

These are my two samples (above and below) that I had a BALL making!

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  1. i love this post. hard to say, what is more vibrant, the kids or the gourds? - Jen N