Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ode to a Greek Urn

In our one-room-schoolroom way (each at our own level) we've been studying the human figure and proportion here in the studio. Everyone got so much from these classical lessons and their figure drawings IMPROVED SO MUCH! 
We took those improved figure skills, first to our Altered Books and then applied them to this Greek Vase project. The Greeks shared so much of their culture, passions, myths, and their love of the human form on this wonderful art form. 
I love how the figure studies look (above) sketched in the books! 

We used craft paper (above) and "drew with scissors" to explore vase/urn shapes. The kids were amazing while playing with symmetry and shape. They pasted them in and went to the thumbnails stage in their books too!

 I love how varied the vase shapes are! Please click to enlarge...They are fantastic! 

Again, click on the pictures to enlarge. The details will amaze you!
(Clockwise from top left below- Zak Ali, Iesha, Annie, Johnny, Juni, Amelia, Ilana, Liris) 

With each class so full and lively, I am often unable to photograph each artist and their work. Sorry! If you are not represented here and want to be, please help to remind me to get your work on film!

Thank you artists for stretching and growing your skills!
Your willingness to focus and try new things really shows up in your work.

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