Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in the studio!

It was a wonderful first week of 2014 in the studio! While the rest of the country was suffering with the cold, many of the kids came dressed in shorts, dresses and short sleeves! In sympathy we created our own "Winter Worlds" with this amazing snow globe project. Using colored pencils and techniques to show distance, perspective, shadows and reflections, we created perfectly quiet little "Winter Worlds!" Here are a few samples.

The warmest welcome to Shay, Desi, Farah, Jacob, Veronica, and Maricela.

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  1. Hi Patrice, I saw your APN post and noticed you are a homeschool mom. Perhaps we met at the Lisa's monthly book club hosted by Sarah? Your daughter looks familiar. My three boys currently take art at 4Cats studio in Kensington. But we would like to try your studio in march when their session ends! -maria