Friday, January 17, 2014

A Messanger

This week we're working in our Altered Books on a project that I am calling A Messenger. We painted two pages in our books a beautiful sky blue and softly painted realistic Cumulus clouds. (Thank you Saturnina!) We then did a study of a small branch and a bird, focusing on highlights and shadows, again trying to capture realism. Each table had a cage of live canaries from our aviary so that we could really study their charms!

Lark posing for a close-up. (Photo by Jacob)

 Welcome to the studio Isabel!

 Lauren working on her stick

  Ellie's finished piece

The sun helped dry our pieces

 Izzi using her dry brush technique to create an almost transparent cloud!

Jacobs finished work!

Anissa's stick and bird studies! So lovely...

We then cut out the separate pieces and assembled them to create a actual size bird on a small perch. We used hemp twine glued directly on the painting to give the illusion of a swing!

The birds chirped and sang quite loudly while we worked!

Jonah (above) chose to paint a Toucan! Wow, he captured it!

Malika's bird study (above). It shows wonderful proportion and delicacy!

Saturnina loved all the canaries and chose the Red Factor canaries to paint!

 A few assembled works, above.

Frances chose to paint Alma, a hen that is Red Factor with black spots. I love the way it turned out!

Abe adding shadows on his bird.

There are a few spots open in the Wednesday & Thursday afternoon classes. Call Patrice at 510.522.3494 for more information or to sign up!


  1. hi patrice, what is the age range for your homeschool class? i have a 5.5 year old. thanks!

  2. Hi Erin, if your little one is ready to follow some simple instructions and loves art, they are ready for StudioTime