Saturday, February 9, 2013

Realism, Shading & Blending

It's always exciting for me to create a project, set the parameters and see where the kids go with it! I have basic goals for them to work towards, and the rest is up to them. While they all depicted a bird in the parrot family, just look at the variation of method, personality and results! 

We talked about warm and cool color palates, realism, blending and scale.

 I loved the critiques when we finished this piece! The kids were able to step back and talk about what they enjoyed, what was challenging and what they might do differently now that they had done the project. 

Many pointed out how the size of the eyes and the beak changed the personality of their birds. 

 Using oil pastels then brushing on mineral oil helped some of the kids blend colors, remove color and create more of a painting effect. 

I encouraged the kids to use black in their piece for contrast, drama or shading. Wow!

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