Monday, January 21, 2013

Bright Lights, Big City

 What a great project to begin the semester with. I'd seen this idea before and it looked like a perfect, multi-step and multi-media project to welcome the artist back into the studio.

We started with simple watercolor washes to create a sky and water landscape. While our first step dried, we dreamed up real and imaginary cityscapes, then transfered those images onto foam using dull pencils to create our "printing plates." 

We then applied an even coat of printing ink with a brayer and transfered our image twice onto our landscapes to create the illusion of the city reflected on water. Basic monoprint. Fabulous results, yes?

A extra big welcome to my new students! Amber, Chaney, Beau, Ummi, Jabreel, Sumayyah, Aoife (welcome back!), Michelle, Ellie and Raziah (welcome back!).

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