Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ak! Bug Infested Studio!!

This week we sculpted insects, snails and arachnids (real and imagined) with newsprint, packing tape and straws. The sounds of eight unraveling rolls of packing tape are still ringing in my ears! I saw amazing varieties of scale, details and imagination. Very exciting!

Zarinah looks for inspiration from above.

Hady designed a huge dragonfly!

Katie adds three sets of legs to her queen bee with the help of Miss Monique.

This week's Altered Book Challenge was bug infested as well!

Ilana takes on the challenge of the green grasshopper. It turned out amazing!

Amelia cradles her baby bumble bee. 


Annie sculpted a large Desert Scorpion. Watch out for that stinger!

Next week we're on to creating our insects exoskeleton's. We'll use plaster and paper mache. Stay tuned!

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