Friday, September 7, 2012

25 Cats Named Sam

Andy Warhol lived with his mother and (reportedly) 25 cats in a New York apartment when he produced this collection of watercolor cats. It was a great way to teach line quality and editing. Aren't these cats fabulous? 

We used Dr. Ph. Martin's liquid watercolors, (the same watercolors brand that Warhol used) plus India ink applied using brush, pen, and quills.

This project's challenge was to draw an almost life-size cat, paint it with a watercolor wash leaving only the eyes unpainted. Then choose one color for the eyes, then simply convey what a cat's fur feels like, what a cat looks like and what their personality is with simple ink lines.

It's so wonderful to see all my returning students busy at work in the studio again! Yay!
And a big, big, big welcome to new artists Izzy, Ivy, Gemma, Marco, Ashby, Sky, Maya, James, David, Zoey, Mia, Amity, Jesse, Azia and Simon. 
I'm so happy to have artists like you in the studio and I can't wait to see all the projects we will do together this Fall!

What variety! 
What challenging cat positions and postures the kids took on!
What awesome results!

(I'm working on posting the rest of the cats!)


  1. It is wonderful to see how deeply these childrn went into the project. The "Cats" all have so much personality.
    Wonderful! !

  2. These are fantastic! I'd love to try this sometime. Can I ask what the children used as a resource? Cat prints or a calendar of Warhol's work or their own imaginations. Very inspiring!