Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's Starry Starry Night

What a satisfying way to end for Summer break, talking about our hopes and dreams for Summer and reflecting on Van Gogh's Starry Night.

The mood was quiet, reflective and light as the kids built up layers of color and texture, interpreting this iconic painting in their own way.

We used a heavy watercolor paper, blue, black, and white tempra to start.

We talked about Van Gogh, his isolation, his prolific output, the role religion played on his life, and how he spent a lot of time outdoors at night during the summer painting, relaxing and pondering life and the stars.

We also talked about "copying" great works and how doing so can allow you to walk in the shoes of an artist you enjoy.

As we all worked together today I realized that I never imagined I would have an art studio like Alameda StudioTime, and now that I do have a place to share and create with others, it really is a dream-come-true for me! Thank you to all of my artists, and all you parents who value creating, dreaming and making. It's been a great, great year!




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