Thursday, May 26, 2011

See How Far They've Come?

The amazing Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (pronounced Jacko-metti) was the inspiration for the wonderful "bronzes" that came out of the studio today.

My StudioTime artists expressed emotion, movement and an new understanding of materials with these successful sculptures! I am so proud of everyone for going along on this three week journey, with confidence and curiosity.

We began the project with quick charcoal sketches, then moved onto "drawing" with wire, and creating a "skeleton." Engineering each piece was different because of weight distribution and the amount of points fixed to the base.

We did two layers of paper mache using paper towels... texturally much better than the standard newsprint. Then we finished up with a layer of tempra paint (a mix of black and brown), then a light coat of bronze, feathered on top of the black and brown, for a aged metal affect.

Click each one to see them bigger, and to see the name of each artist.

I loved every step of this project and was brimming with pride and excitement over how confident each artist has become as this "school" year comes to a close.

I can't end this post without mentioning Serena. Projects went more smoothly because of her, and the kids all enjoy having her here. (See picture above.) She supported the kids as they worked and got plenty dirty in the process. Thank you Serena!!!

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