Monday, August 21, 2017

Fall 2017 is in the Air!

I'm busy painting, planning and gathering supplies for an adventurous Fall semester! I'm planning a project (and a cafe show!) based on work from a recent exhibit I enjoyed at Oakland Museum of California by Roy DeForest. I can't wait to see what the kids create. 

The 2017 Fall semester will begin the Monday August 28th and run 15 weeks through December 14th. There will be a Fall Break from November 20-24th. The fee per class is $40.00 and the 15 classes in the semester will be divided into four months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) and the monthly studio fees is $150.00. 
Alameda StudioTime has limited spots available. The program is pay-for-your spot, not pay as you can attend. Enrollments are considered ongoing; we reserve a space in the weekly studio class until we hear otherwise. Classes are paid for per class, by the month or for the entire semester. Monthly tuition is based on $40.00 per class divided into the amount of months in the semester and charged until a notice of cancellation. The fee covers the cost of materials. There will be no refund for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up within the semester when make-up spots are available. After the semester ends, any make-up class is forfeited. 

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