Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sneak Peek! Himmeli 3-D Sculptures

Himmeli is a traditional Finnish handcraft that would be hung above the dinner table to ensure that next year’s rye crop would be plentiful.  Traditionally, Himmeli ornaments were made by threading string through dried straw and creating 3-dimensional sculptures.  Himmeli are generally rotationally symmetrical and they are hung from the top point by thin sewing thread upon the ceiling. Himmeli will spin with a slight flow of air.  The name Himmeli comes from the Germanic word Himmel (sky).

You can see the artists were so busy at work this week creating with straws and hemp twine to create their own Himmeli!! This will be a two-week project and most of the sculptures are intricate and large. 

 Instead of ensuring a prosperous grain harvest I thought these modern Himmeli would ensure that this Valentines day is rich with love! 

Natalie is making a fantastic sculpture, even hand-tying each knot! It's hard work! She took a break and visually recorded the process. The drawing shows all the cut straws and both her and her brother at work!

If you are interested in making your own Himmeli you can use the easy-to-follow instructions below! You can find red and black straws at Smart & Final or beautiful paper (decorative, patterned & color) straws at your local craft store, or online. Have fun!

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