Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Welcome Wagon

Today in the studio was the Day of the Dead Altar of Love workshop.
All artists created an amazing altar for Day of the Dead to welcome, celebrate and honor loved ones that are now in the spirit world.
Paul's altar (above) knocked a lot of socks off!

Megan's piece (above) was made to give as a gift. It honors a cherished Aunt and an Uncle.
Her colors, trim and paper choices all came together as a powerful finished piece.

 Lauren's (above) remembers her Grandmother and a beloved cat.
Laura's (below) has a lovely color story and I liked the way she framed special photos. Her detail and delicacy of pattern really stood out.

Mothers, Fathers, Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, Best Friends and beloved pets
were remembered. Juni (below) surprised everyone with her use of laces and thoughtfully chosen papers.

Lace, papers, flowers, feathers, fabrics and beads are just a few of the materials Brenda worked with (below).

Our Lady Guadalupe graces the top of Brenda's altar, and it was lined with special fabrics, Milagros, pearls and filled with love and tenderness toward her dearly departed, beloved Melissa. I think the spirits will be pleased!

Izzy (above) had no trouble utilizing every possible material to create this vibrant altar. The artist and her work has so much sparkle!

Ana's (above) had trinkets of her Great Grandmother's, and objects that symbolized other family members. What a natural!

Amelia's (above and below) had a secret door, flowers, butterflies, a finger monster and a beautiful color array.

It's hard to see the depth of layers that Nini used to create this celestial piece! So flowing and evocative!

Thank you everyone for sharing your memories, tears and talent in the studio for this special event!

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  1. All of these altars are so meaningful,especially Brenda's. And your student Ana certainly found her stride. They are all wonderful.