Friday, June 29, 2012

The Fairies Have Visited!

The Fairy Village Retreat far exceeded my expectations for quality and sheer volume of building and creativity!
The houses are amazing and the custom features, furniture and accessories were awesome.

Steve the blue pig (below) is happy to live in Leah's house. It has a built-in slide instead of stairs, gourmet chef's kitchen, plenty of art supplies and the most delicious looking sushi ready to be eaten!

We framed in the structures with roofs, rooms and there was even a bomb shelter, art studio and music room. Johnny above framed in an indoor bathroom (with pedestal sink) which is almost unheard of in the fairy world!

One morning we had a miniature book making session, so each house was full of reading material. Another morning we had a long Fimo accessory making workshop. So FUN to see what these kids thought up!

Despite a freshly broken arm, Emmett created a wonderful Summer Music house (below) with plenty of food and books.

 Claire and Emmett worked together creating a main house and Summer House (four photo's above). Look at Claire's fully stocked kitchen shelf, and (below) the music stand and reading area.

Sky's house (above) was joyfully finished with flowers and ornament, making it the most colorful house in the garden!
Sky (below) engrossed in making accessories. Even a mini glue gun for her fairy artist!

 Details from Johnny's house (above and two below).

Maggie's wonderful house (above and below) with fantastic wood flooring and window above the bed! Notice the lace bedding? You can see the roof to the bomb shelter (below) in the left corner .

 Thank you kids, and especially your parents, for having you join me in the studio for the most creative three days ever!
Also a big thanks to IESHA for all of the support, good spirits and dog-walking services. 
And for everyone who gave me wonderful branches, twigs, pods, leaves and bark.

Another Fairy Village Retreat!
July 10-12th 9-4:00
Call Patrice for more information 522-3494

 Lauren above, with her awesome Summer House in it's early stages.You wouldn't believe her outdoor kitchen. She even had birds nesting in the eaves of her house!

Meet Sophie! What an thrilling new addition to the studio! 
Can't wait to see more of her.

Cat above had been asking all year when we were going to make the houses made with sticks. Finally she got to.
Her whole house was filled with details. Look at the delicately tiled roof! Super cool.

Zoey made the most decorated and happy cottage, blooming with flowers and shells.
I would love to live in a house like that!


  1. This really a fantastic class. They are all so wonderful and inventive. Yeah for you!!!!

  2. Unbelievable cuteness and artistic spirit!