Friday, March 30, 2012

Sixty Colors


I'm sure you could make tens of thousands of colors by mixing just the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow. The StudioTime artists each made sixty this week. Beside mixing and painting, half the fun was naming the colors. Throughout the week I heard Barbeque Sauce, Baby Whale Grey, and Chewed Bubble Gum.

 We started with pure red and slowly added small amounts of white to create four or so steps from red to shell pink. Some started adding in yellow next like AiLi above. Her final piece is below left.

 It was Nelson (below) who created Popcorn With a Lot of Butter and Barbeque Sauce and Mustard.

I love how the finished pieces showed each unique artists brush style! 

To get the variety of colors you see, we also used white and black (which are not considered colors). The amount of black and white in a color is called value. We also found subtle ranges of colors by adding the opposite color to the one we were using. 

It took concentration and control to show a range of colors, keep the brush clean, and not waste too much paint. 
Liam (below) and Kevin (above) both found sixty colors and I think their final pieces showed focus and new understanding of color. 

Thalia (above) had no trouble making jumps from color to color! She found amazing shades of sherberts and candy.

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  1. LOve the sixty colors! Love, SUZ

    PS: I think I remember your very first SHOE project: wasn't that 1991? I love StudioTime! Congratulations on your success.