Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We here at StudioTime just spent two weeks deep in primitive Australia! We studied the symbols and dot art techniques of the Aboriginals. The kids really embraced it all and communicated about their lives, their world, and their hearts. The pieces themselves are stunning and the "story" behind many of them are profound and moving. Take a look.

The artist above, Aoife, said this piece showed the love between her and her mother, and mothers and daughters everywhere.

Annie's piece show's her Dragon, Fish and Snake spirits, and how she feels unique in the world.

Wow! Ellie shows the important spirits that have been part of her path in life, and brought her joy.

Faith showed the strength and beauty at the center of her family, her parents!

This artist above, Kassi, tried to capture the amazing creativity she feels that comes out of her body. I think she succeeded.

This powerful piece by Lukas, shows tribes living in the natural world. Water sources, cliffs, paths and forest.

Both pictures, above and below, show Caleb and his work. So happy to have you back Caleb!

Ilana, above, missed the first week of this project, didn't hesitate and produced this powerful painting in no time.

David, above, used symbols to express what he feels.

Amelia took much time and care to show, with symbols, the joy of being in her family!

Cat, above, said her piece is very personal and secret, and that she could feel her heart beating and leading her through this project!

Hady's piece above shows how her family was created.

This piece above by Thaila shows the artist in the middle, her beating heart on the right, and her broken heart on the left.

Liam shows his strength above, Liris her joys below!

Maggie, above, says the feeling of aliveness in her body feels just like this painting!

Kevin who's piece is above, just returned from camping in Tahoe. The middle circle shows his family in their campground and the trails they explored radiate out from the middle. The green and brown dots show the forest!

Emmett! Showing us how he used symbols to represent his family!

Iesha, above, wanted to convey her joy of faith, family, trust and gratitude in this piece.
I think she nailed it!

Johnny, above, mastered his materials and tools and showed his strength and vitality.


  1. The children seem totally inspired by you! It is such a joy to see what the children do. The top and bottom drawings are wonderful, but it is truly hard to say which, of all of them, that I like the most. Really wonderful!
    You deserve the Golden Apple Award!

  2. The work you are doing with the children is amazing. I wish you had a book or manual.