Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Dream Come True!

It is amazing how much things can change in just two short weeks! My studio has grown to more than double it's size with the removal of a few walls, closets and a hallway. New lighting, hardwood floors, custom shelving, tables and storage have been added, plus an already enjoyed snack corner. (See Clara, Asher and Alabama above, after they slurped all up the orange slices. Sorry Caliope!)

I left some original details, like the old built-in cabinet, above.

Added these new honey + amber glow oak floors...

And there was so much more room for all my artist friends this week!

I know how much I like to spread out when I work in the studio. Three cheers for more elbow room!

Just look at the light! Balanced and bright.

Annie went straight from her bed to the studio this morning. A My Little Pony accessory making session is still going strong over here.

I love the new custom shelves with a suspention rod support system designed and built by my brother, Master Builder T. Kern. He guided me through this whole renovation process and it has been wonderful working with him.

I'll post more pictures after I spend this weekend playing in my new studio!

A special thank you to
Annie Louise O'Farrell Hinz
William Hinz
LaLa Pat Sieler
Grandma Bettie
Thomas Kern
Nieters Family

and all my wonderful artist friends and their families!


  1. Oh yes! It is wonderful. Your brother's work rocks! The room is so spacious for the kids to get busy and create.

  2. My goodness, it is so different! And so lovely and open and bright. The children seem to reflect your happiness. All those bright faces!