Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love these kids!

I started by plucking this pumpkin out of our front yard and had the kids sketch it in pencil. Then we used our powers of observation and added the ridges, stems and dead leaves.

Next we added surface detail with oil pastels, showed a foreground, middleground and background. Then we used watercolors and washed the pieces, creating a wonderful texture as the water resisted the oil.

I thought I might be raising the bar too high on this project with the techniques and materials I offered, but no! These kids dove right in, stretched themselves and finished pieces that were so good that the hair stood up on my neck a few times.

Just look at their faces! (And their work!!)

Look how happy and proud they seem!

I'm so glad that I could help them create these pieces.

Annie said "Mine looks as good as yours does Mom!"


  1. Too bad Cecil missed that class. The pumpkins all have personality and a foreground, middle- ground, and background. And--you grew the darn thing too!

  2. You have a talent for relaying information to children. Look what they have accomplished!